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Ken Kizer, my counselor, Rebirther, and friend for years, has quietly, loyally, and lovingly taught me the value of the breath in our spiritual lives. The day I met this white Texan I thought `You’ve got to be kidding!’, but he got me by looking straight at me and asking `How much love can you stand?’ With his (and others) help and God’s breath I am receiving more love and success in all areas of my life.

Renée Kizer I call ‘mother of everybody’. She traveled with me on a book signing tour, and she is always in the background cheering my success, loving me, and breathing for me when I forget. “I am blessed to have these beloveds in my life.

Iyanla Vanzant, spriritual life coach on the nationally-syndicated show Starting Over, New York Times best-selling author of In the Meantime, Until Today, and many others, and internationally-known workshop facilitator.

The positive result of my work with Ken and Renée is so monumental that it is challenging to summarize. The truth is that it is just too big for words.

Ken’s approach facilitates the most effective and efficient self-work I have ever experienced. His ability to laser into the real issue, support me in identifying my feelings, and help me move through resistance has saved me from endless self-abuse in the form of fear, doubt, and shame.

Lisa Ross, Pre and Post-natal fitness instructor

Like a loving, gentle midwife, Renée helped me to truly get in touch with what really mattered to me, and coached me from that space... Within six months of creating my debt elimination/wealth creation plan, I reduced my credit card debt by over 60% and increased my personal savings 100% (no exaggeration), just by changing how I thought about myself and therefore my relationship to and experiences with money. I am more confident about my abilities as a musician and songwriter (and my ability to actually do it for a living and be successful at it). I composed a total of eight new original tunes which I'm about to start recording and copyrighting, and I'm attracting all kinds of people and opportunities into my life to help support me in doing this. And, my interpersonal relationships have shifted and are more loving, peaceful, and intimate.

Jacquelyn Brown, MPH, singer and songwriter.

I can attribute that Ken and Renee saved my marriage, and helped me reconnect with my son of 9 years by being the father he and I both deserve. They have helped me gain confidence in myself and at work, and they have helped me pursue my professional and life dreams. Ken and Renée have helped me create the perfect life around me, and they have helped me reconnect with my god. My newest result is learning to speak up for myself.

Mike Bristow, RN