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Finding the Love
of Your Life

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Love isn't all you need- you also need some direction: how to prepare yourself, how to attract the kind of person you desire, and how to sustain the relationship for as long as you want.

Connect in love, communicate in depth, cooperate in building a partnership, and revel in the joy of this most precious accomplishment.

• Prepare yourself: identify and clear old blocks that hold back love.
• Attract the kind of person you desire: envision exactly the kind of experience you desire.
• Sustain the love: learn new habits that support your new life for as long as you want.

Everything we know about life was taught. If love has been elusive, it's a function of either lack of information or challenges to self-confidence, or both. Both can be remedied.

You are not broken. You are just confused.


I believe unequivocally that Coach Ken can help you find the passion, purpose and partnership you desire in your life.
Iyanla Vanzant

Ken Kizer is a Master Coach who brings 30 years of personal and professional relationship mastery to the conversation. He has a knack for gently and quickly guiding people to clarity of mind and heart, even in the face of the most difficult life challenges.

As a faculty member of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development for 20 years, he has supported hundred of students in their quest to live powerfully and authentically.

As both an on camera and behind the scenes consultant for Starting Over and Iyanla Fix My Life, Coach Ken has supported me in creating powerful healing paths for the guests I have served. I believe unequivocally that he can help you find the passion, purpose and partnership you desire in your life.

Iyanla Vanzant, spriritual life coach on the shows Starting Over and Iyanla Fix My Life, New York Times best-selling author of In the Meantime, Until Today, and many others, and internationally-known workshop facilitator.


My work with Ken... is so monumental that it is challenging to summarize.

The truth is that it is just too big for words. Ken’s approach facilitates the most effective and efficient self-work I have ever experienced. His ability to laser into the real issue, support me in identifying my feelings, and help me move through resistance has saved me from endless self-abuse in the form of fear, doubt, and shame.

Lisa R, pre and post-natal fitness instructor


My life will NEVER be the same!

You truly are an inspiration! Thank you for always loving me, supporting me, and even giving me a swift kick to keep me moving forward! I am eternally grateful and know that because of you ... my life will NEVER be the same.

Monica B, Educator