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Love Affairs:
Simple Wisdom for
Powerful Relationship

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What if you knew you could love and be loved just fine?

What if I told you that is the truth now?

It is the truth. The confusion isn't about the love part. The confusion is about what surrounds the love- family patterns of distancing, invasion, abandonment, betrayal, and a host of other difficult beliefs and experiences.

Love Affairs is your guidance through the confusion.

Create the kind of love you've always wanted, with proven principles, tools, and techniques. Ken and Renee draw on more than 25 years of marriage to guide you through the loving relationship experience.


My work with Ken... is so monumental that it is challenging to summarize.

The truth is that it is just too big for words. Ken’s approach facilitates the most effective and efficient self-work I have ever experienced. His ability to laser into the real issue, support me in identifying my feelings, and help me move through resistance has saved me from endless self-abuse in the form of fear, doubt, and shame.

Lisa R, pre and post-natal fitness instructor


Find The Love Of Your Life

Start your own journey to romantic union:
• Create a vision for your the kind of person you'd like to attract and the kind of relationship you'd like to have.
• Learn strategies to achieve your goals.
• Learn principles, tools, and techniques that support those strategies
• Attain a clearer sense of what it takes to find and sustain your happiness.
• Regain a sense renewal, re-energized, and inspired to find the love of your life once and for all.

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My life will NEVER be the same!

You truly are an inspiration! Thank you for always loving me, supporting me, and even giving me a swift kick to keep me moving forward! I am eternally grateful and know that because of you ... my life will NEVER be the same.

Monica B, Educator


Love Is The Easy Part

And that can be confusing, because love is all you need, right? That may be part of the challenge. The real work is establishing a foundation of trust that bonds two people.

Discover and strengthen your own positive qualities that will carry not only you, but your relationship, through any challenges that might arise.

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